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November 27, 2012Posted in: What's New @F

Call yourself a party animal? Join the club!

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, post graduation parties, pre wedding bashes, bachelorette bashes, reception parties, heck even divorce parties (!) – give us a good reason or even a lack there of and we’ll be screaming from our rooftops inviting the world over for a gala time!

But party planning is no mean deal.  Not that you need to turn into a complete control freak but attention to the minutest of details is what turns a party from reasonably good to definitely worth remembering!

This is where we step in with a host of beautiful goodies that ensure you become the talk of the town.

Hand painted shot glasses, decoupage coaster sets, quirky table (or do we call them ‘mez’) mats & loads and loads of stylish steelware – we at fabulloso! have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with all the party ammunition you need this season!


Not that we encourage inebriation (Ok maybe, just a little!) but these hand painted shot glasses by Sak9 draw us to the bar like moths to a flame! We don’t know about you, but these Womaniyas have found die-hard fans in us!

A nomadic tribal art given a new lease of life – decoupage is a unique way of bringing beauty into your lives. Have a look at Design5 Studio’s range of decoupage product for your home on fabulloso! What do we like the most? The Wooden decoupage coaster set Large II. Why? Have you not seen those adorable moustaches or what?



For those with filmier leanings, we have the Bollywood mez mats from Warmly Designs.Digitally screen printed with images of the fat kid who troubled Mahmood with his constant need for ‘Pakoras’ to a very suave Saif Ali Khan admitting his weakness for cakes (!) and more, there cannot be better conversation starters than these on your dinner table!


And for you to serve up those delectable delights, here’s a wide range of steelware that you absolutely must have on your kitchen shelves. Curated by f! for your multipurpose, you never have to worry about ‘em kids breaking your fine ceramic plates ever again.


Shop for all this & a bagful of new goodies only on fabulloso!