Mosquito Nets? You Heard Us Right

November 14, 2014



Mosquito Nets? You Heard Us


October 27, 2012Posted in: What's New @F

Not the most lovable creatures they are, are they? Yes, we are talking about ‘em Chipkalis!

Slithery, slimy and scary – anyone, in their sane mind, wouldn’t associate gorgeous mosquito nets with a brand called Chipkali.

But Alessandra Nicola did.


The few years that she spent in the tropical locales of Africa made her realize the necessary evil that the lizards on her wall were!

In a place infested with deadly mosquitoes and scared humans, the lizards acted as saviors as they went around snacking on those buzzing flies, fleas and mosquitoes!

Seeking inspiration from such an unlikely source, Nicola began designing mosquito nets using eco friendly products in the summer of 2012. Bright colours, vivid cutouts, bamboo, sequins and all things fancy go into the making of the oh-so-adorable mosquito nets that come out of her studio.


Hang them over your toddler’s cot or even over that patio swing – you’ll find yourself agreeing when we say they appear to have come out of a fairy tale!

And do we even have to tell how romantic they look?

Easy to assemble, whimsical and beautiful beyond belief – the Chipkali mosquito nets are hard to come by!


Have a look at the entire range here.