Yummy Haribo

November 13, 2014

Yummy Haribo!

April 23, 2013Posted in: What's New @F

What is the correlation between tiny dancing rubber bears, a factory in Germany? Well it germinated a confectionary business whose products are relished by everyone, everywhere.

Today, Haribo’s  confectionaries are sold worldwide and are synonyms with sheer eating pleasure and chewy texture. Hans Riegel, a candy maker in Bonn (West Germany) started the Haribo  company in 1920. Two years later, he invented the Dancing Bear, a fruit flavoured gum made in the shape of a bear. The candy has been an instant hit and enjoys pole position, ever since.

Gummi Bears have spawned many gummi animals and objects, with sizes ranging from standard candy size to ones weighing several kilogrammes.  Made from a mixture of sugar, glucose, flavouring and gelatin, there are varieties that even vegetarians or those following religious dietary laws.

Back to the manufacturing process, the liquid is poured into moulds and left to cool overnight. The original design for each type of candy was carved in plaster by an artist and the ensuing starch moulds have been used ever since.

Each colour in the Gummi bear repertoire represents a particular trait, yellow means happy, blue represents the sky, pink is the symbol of love, green the vivacity of laughter, red represents the symbol for evil (so don’t eat only the red ones) and purple connotes a friendly attitude. So, which colour would you pick first?

Gummi bears have even spawned products such as erasers, furniture, ice trays and many more. They have their own television show and are enjoyed by everyone, from president’s to heads of state, from 8 year old girls to 88 year old, war veterans.

Gifted during any and every festival, from Christmas to Easter, Diwali to Eid they form the epitome of sharing and palate pleasure.

So pick up your bag of Haribo , you are sure to love it. Just remember to take a handful before sharing it, as you are sure to get none back.