We’ve Got Time On Our Hands

November 13, 2014



We’ve Got Time On Our Hands

August 30, 2013Posted in: What's New @F

Time is our only constant and yet it is persistently fluid. What began as a sundial many millennia ago has now transitioned into not only a necessity, but an indispensable statement.


In its nascence, the watch  was expensive, cumbersome and tedious; it was the exclusive domain of the gentleman and was never worn off the wrist. Through the decades, though, the ubiquitous watch has kept up with the times, in more ways than one. They are now worn by men, women and children, are available in endless colours of the rainbow and straddle budgets ranging from prudent to posh.

Available in digital to analogue, microchip to mechanical, bronze to bark (of a tree) watches  are available to suit any and every fancy.

With the advent of the mobile phone and various other devices which also keep an eye on the time, it would seem that the unpretentious wristwatch has lost traction in the world today, however the sale of watches tell another story, having all but skyrocketed. It thus endures and is an indispensable part of a person’s material possession.


So in an era of multifunction, the watch remains one of the soul proponents of ‘being a master of its own trade’. With a wide variety of options to choose from, and then some more, the watch is as much a statement as it is a necessity.




It adds to the demeanour of the person and completes any outfit. One or many, the number doesn’t matter. The more the better. In the end, they are just trying to tell that “You’ve got time on your hand; you just need to manage it with as much panache”

So go ahead and start collecting now, visit our extensive collection  and pick the one (or many) that will stand the test of time, for you.