Because beauty is skin deep

November 13, 2014



Because beauty is skin deep…

September 25, 2012Posted in: What's New @F

The festive season is a stone’s throw away and ladies, you know what that means!

Endless hours of partying, socializing and binge eating could take a heavy toll on your skin and hair.

Stressed already? Don’t be!

Thoughtful as we are, we bring you an extensive range of natural beauty products by Iraya, just in the nick of time!


The goodness of rich walnut here, a bit of fragrant sandalwood there and lots of delicious ingredients – Iraya’s range of products are brimming with the freshness and benefits of practically all that is God-sent for your skin and hair!





Begin your day with one of their cleansing bath bars and continue smelling divine even after hours in the sun! Have a few minutes to spare? Pamper your tresses with the Black tea and lime shampoo and bid adieu to bad hair days, for days on end!


Is the central air conditioning at work leaving your skin dry and parched? Repair it right away with the Lotus body lotion. One whiff and you’ll be addicted, we promise!



A daily night care regimen goes a long way in keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant. The Almond nutrifying skin food is just what the handsome doctor ordered for you! Now dab on some Kokum foot softening  butter and tuck yourself in for the night.


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