We {heart} ART

November 14, 2014


We {heart} ART!

September 18, 2012Posted in: What's New @F

The Joker definitely had ‘art’ on his mind when he asked, “Why so serious?”.



Taking cue from him and a range of other inspirations, Kartick Kapoor’s artworks are fun, kitschy and everything else that one doesn’t immediately associate with art!

Take the New York Nights for instance – oodles of oomph and glamour is what this piece of art comes seeped in! An ‘Empire’ frame of mind and your love for all  things shiny and glossy – the nights spent in New York are set to become your favourite!


Using techniques such as mixed media on canvas and acrylic oil on fibre glass amongst a host of others – artworks by frame of mind are surprising at multiple levels.

Got an eye and appetite for the unusual? You’ll love Kartick Kapoor’s avant garde art.

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