(V)egan For Visionary

November 14, 2014


(V)egan For Visionary

November 28, 2013Posted in: What's New @F

As the first verse of the hymn by William Henry Monk goes,

All things bright and beautiful

All Creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord god made them all.”


We all need to live and endure. Food is the fuel that keeps us going and though it would be wrong to comment on the moral code behind what we eat, it is time that we do reflect upon the merits on what is essential and what is not.

Every living thing on this planet only consumes what it needs and there is an accord in nature that completely eludes us, as humans. While, eating what is essential for us is contentious and disputable, we are very certain that the sometimes we do go overboard.

 Every discerning creature on this planet has the right to not be treated as a product. In our ever vocal right for equality, shouldn’t the same be extended towards the beings that share our biosphere? We are not the proprietors of our surroundings, but merely its curators.




 Luckily for us, we humans are artistic, understanding and compassionate and we are steadily grasping the necessity towards a more holistic progression of satisfying our needs, wants and desires.

 Faux-leather, jute clothing, synthetic and even plastic money are slowly surpassing leather, silk, paper and wool ….our world is changing towards renewability and sustainability. After all, this is how we ensure not only our survival, but the endurance of the varied and wonderful creatures everywhere.

 People around the world are waking up to a lifestyle that is engaging, exciting, sustainable and most justly more acceptable. Veganism is not only about what you eat, it is about an indelible ecological mark you leave, not only on civilisation but the world at large. As the number of vegan conscience rise, the process and procedures of manufacturing and development will steadily become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

 The question that used to be asked was “Is it real leather?” & most of the style conscious wanted to hear a “yes”. However in a human society that is evolving rapidly, consumers are now more conscious to the suffering that is caused in producing leather fashion attire. Consumers are thus moving towards cruelty free fashion. The new trend is that of Vegan Fashion. And did we mention that vegan products are easier to maintain, waterproof and rugged?

A front runner in the cause of vegan fashion is V-Designs . Combining their love for fashion and nature, they have effectively created an electrifying blend that is nothing short of ‘ecoluxurious’.



 Each piece is individually crafted and made from 100% animal free materials. Certified by “PETA” they were the recipients of the “Best Vegan Accessory Brand ” award at the India Fashion Awards 2013.


 Starting at prices nothing short of affordable, these bags are handcrafted and high quality products which leave you feeling good. What’s more, most of them are unisex so that takes care of your gifting dilemmas too!

We can confidently assure you that you would want to flaunt the fact that the bag you carry has not even a jot of leather or a strand of silk on it. 


Here’s to a better tomorrow — where fashion is stylish and enjoyable, where style is not at the cost of others.

 Here’s to putting the V(egan) back in Visionary!