Project Kitchen Makeover

November 14, 2014


~Project Kitchen Makeover~

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A Kitchen is an essential part of any household and is usually the most neglected. We stock them with the most utilitarian of items, however there are now ‘tools ‘which are multifunctional and pleasing to the eye, which would add some much needed ease to your life in the Kitchen. Kitchens are the center at house, but each one utilize them with their own way.


That is all set to change; the kitchenware  genre is seeing a wave of new innovations and are reflecting the latest mindset of the customers. Kitchenware is moving towards the more eco-friendly with customers seeking assurances for the sustainable sourcing of the products. Not very

long ago, the term white goods was quintessentially used to describe kitchenware but now these products are to be found in all and every colour of the rainbow. The use of innovative materials and engineering such as silicone helps make the products robust and versatile. Ergonomics has been used recurrently making them easier to handle and more pleasant to use. A wave of new kitchen gadgets are making their way into India.

Online kitchen accessories  are seeing a steady rise in demand.

Be it an easy to remove cake mould, a silicone spatula, a vibrantly coloured cheese grater or a zebra striped pair of oven gloves, all these items are being created with ensuring that the products are pleasing to the eyes, easy on the hands and an immense pleasure to work with.



With a keen eye on sustainability, beauty and practicality, the kitchen of the present will not only be beautiful but more hands-on.



And what better way to restock your kitchen, then through a myriad of options available on your computer screen. Browse online today and shop the best kitchen accessories  atfabulloso!  Shop from our wide collection of kitchen items and accessories including cooking utensils, kitchen gadgets, stylish kitchenware and more!