Have You Met Sameer Hazari

November 13, 2014


Have You Met Sameer Hazari?

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How does an engineer from Bangalore, defy concordat and turn it head over heels? Well, we would be presumptuous to even try to answer that. Art is an idea, an experience that is set to physicality; it is the meld of mind with matter. Sameer’s artistic life saw its nascence in his background as a Telecom engineer in Bangalore (Don’t get us wrong – an artist is born and the art is the pledge of an artist’s sudden revelation). That figurative light bulb, lying dark and dormant in his mind, seems to have ignited his creative genius towards a goal, at some point at this stage in his life. After pursuing his MA in fine Arts in the UK, there was no turning back. The communication engineer formed a new way of engineering communication and expressing it.


Now a force to reckon with, Sameer has been actively involved in events and exhibitions spanning Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and London. Collaborating with musicians, fellow artists and various institutions he has found an eclectic way of delving into the various shades of human emotion and personal experiences of day to day life. Be it his Dhoop Canvas print or his John Lennon inspired iPhone and iPad covers, each work has a story to tell.





He efficaciously endeavours towards capturing the moment that everyone sees or experiences, setting the ensuing and spontaneous emotion to art. He does seem to have the knack for adding colour in places that seem so unconventional and yet so spot-on.. The use of maths and music features prominently in all of his creations. An fitting example for this can be found in his R.E.M artwork which seems so organic and yet so measured, it is sure to get you thinking.

He is an amalgamation of Indian culture with global dynamism personified; he has a vision of contemporary global Indian art. The art he creates has a natural slant towards bright blends of colour infused with surrealism.



His art is sure to generate a revolutionary sense of curiosity and force you to interpret it in from a perspective of your own personal experience.

So delve into the magic of blush and inventiveness. You are sure to be forever transformed. Look him up on our website  and let the allure arise within you.



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