Windmill Design Festival 2013

November 12, 2014


~Windmill Design Festival 2013~

February 4, 2013Posted in: This & That

There’s something so rustic, so simple about a windmill.

Farm fresh creamy milk, spotless blue skies and open green fields – these are only but a few of the idyllic visuals that we associate with a windmill.

Much like its namesake, that harnesses the power of wind to make life easier, the Windmill Design Festival harnesses the creative energy of a motley crowd of upcoming designers and artists to provide delightfully beautiful designs!




An initiative of Windmill Interiors and Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA), the Windmill festival aims to promote the value of design over and above commercial criteria.

A space where creative ideas are unlocked and set free, only to be caught, conceptualized and finally created into something tangible, beautiful – never before have we been as charmed by crafts and colours, not even by Prince Charming himself!




So right from mister moss green who prefers to see the world through his rosy eyes to Sir I-am-sexy-and-i-know-it who wears rose tinted glasses to go with his colourful cool afro hair – there’s enough to make you feel welcome provided design’s on your mind.




As we made our way up the sun filled cobblestone stairway, freshly brewed coffee called out to us. With our delicious hot cuppa in hand, we were given a warm, vibrant welcome by Pure Ghee’s cloth and matte bags and pouches as soon as we entered!

Handcrafted using the brightest colours possible, it’s hard to not take a shine to these lovelies. You see what we mean?





Concept furniture that’s suspiciously affordable – what’s the catch you’d ask, yes? Well, just that there’s nothing suspicious about any of these stunning wood works.

A luggage stand so pretty, we’d miss all our flights!






Just as we were successfully won over by the recycled stationery, keychains, bookmarks and bric-a-brac from Janmadhyam, Dharmendra Yogi’s gorgeous stone art went a step ahead and captured our hearts right away. Beautifully hand done with an almost scary amount of attention to detail – we think our open fireplace or even the front patio would be leading an incomplete life without a couple of these!


Suckers for stationery that we are, 61C’s pretty Panchatantra collection made us giddy with happiness. The fact that it was displayed against this adorable member of the cat family along with Shefali Upadhyay’s gorgeous wall art and Bowman Design’s stunning bronze artifacts made us loosen our purse strings just a bit more!
















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