When We Brought Home Several Stories

November 12, 2014



When We Brought Home Several

Stories . . .


March 13, 2013Posted in: This & That

Imagine walking into a room strewn all over  with sprigs and stems of once fragrant blooms; the all consuming scent of assorted ittars wafting through the air, colliding, nestling and ultimately finding solace among the heady aroma of fresh flowers.




The kind of room where you can imagine the lukewarm rays of the sun making their presence felt through rose tinted glasses each time dawn breaks; where weathered stoneware is cajoled to glisten under the ethereal glow of the overhead chandelier.




The kind of room where you can easily imagine yourself bundled up in one cosy corner, debating whether you like the clinking sounds of the champagne flutes and wine glasses more or is it the trippy fusion fare playing in the background that got you to order a second round of drinks.

What you just imagined is what we found ourselves walking into last weekend!




A brainchild of journalist and short film maker Sapna Bhatia, Bring Home Stories is India’s first online HD video magazine turned website that features artworks, photographs, accents, accessories and garments, most of which are designed by the incredibly creative UK based artist and designer Paul Liptrot who also happens to be the co-founder of the venture.





Years of documentary film making led to a series of experiences, more importantly a basket full of stories associated with practically every shot! The next logical step? What could have been more beautiful than giving those stories a tangible form, we ask ourselves!

Calling their collections ‘City Inspired Designs’, the first batch of products from the Bring Home Stories label have been inspired by the century old phool mandis of Delhi. Old world charm much?




Right from the solitary cyclist who rides across a sepia landscape carrying a handful of flowers to the luxurious jamawar silks on display (They’ve a gorgeous range of waistcoats and jamas that we’ve been secretly coveting ever since!) to even their quirky eye masks – the recurring motif happens to be that of blooms in their full splendor.

Gulab, champa, mogra, genda – expect to find a generous smattering of each kind on the lapel of your waistcoat sleeve, your jama buttons, the tall lamp that we fell in love with or the comfy cushions that called out to us the minute we stepped in!




Talk about florals setting our hearts aflutter!

What helped us bring back our own set of stories? The fact that we could still inhale a faint, almost negligible scent of crushed chrysanthemums, tuberoses and lavender on ourselves much after we had left the event was reason enough to write home about!




Here’s looking forward to more such story-telling sessions!







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