The week that went by

November 12, 2014


The week that went by . . .

November 17, 2012Posted in: This & That

If you want to marvel at how quickly time flies, either watch your kids grow up or spend a week in the midst of festivities!

Dhanteras, Chhoti Diwali, Diwali, Vishvakarma Puja and Bhaiya Dooj – if the consecutive days of merry making have been anything to go by, we are justified in thinking out loud “Whoa! What a week this has been!”

From the flattering glow of decorative diyas to the soft halo around good old wax candles.




From the aroma of desi ghee, freshly baked cookies to a platter full of decadent dry fruits.




From women dressed in their fineries to men trying to outdo each other at the poker table.

From that annual auspicious steel shopping spree to sisters splurging on their loving brothers.

From worshipping the machines that earn us our livelihood to worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi in our humble abodes.




All these and a whole lot of other things contribute to the all around festive fervor. Miss out on any of these and the celebrations don’t remain the same!

And don’t you worry about the sweets telling on you. Have your fill and work out! That’s our mantra.

As the lyrics of one of our favourite songs goes, “You win some, you learn some” – this festive season, promise to let go off grudges and celebrate through the year. Yes, even after the festivities are over!

(They don’t seem to have got over though, do they?)

Certainly, not when we do our best to keep you feeling all cheerful with a truck load of new goodies, thrice a week! You know, just to make shopping a little easier for you!




Hope you guys had a week as fabulloso! as we did!











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