The Scarf & The Rain

November 11, 2014


The Scarf & The Rain

June 25, 2013Posted in: This & That

She was a stunning green, made from the finest silk and glorious in her unassuming and unblemished exquisiteness. Draping around any neck with a casual comfort and grace that made the wearer shudder in delight, she was, in essence the perfect companion.




Suddenly there was an ominous wind and she was cruelly snatched away from the embrace, gliding through the strong winds, she was whipped to the left and flung to the right. Her very being quivering through the air. And then, began the rain, over-bearing and damp. She was suddenly and unceremoniously flung to the dirt below and there she lay, spread out across the grime. The rain was unyielding and unforgiving. Battered, her striking green now dark and dank. She seemed to lose all hope, quivering in dejected reticence.

As she became wetter and danker, she felt the sudden movement of the soft arms of her mistress, who whipped her into her arms and wrapped her around her somewhat moist yet consoling neck.




As if signalling an unwritten cue, the rain subsided and the sun shone, albeit weakly through the clouds. She was happy in the presence of her mistress. Her earlier clamminess and gloom, all but gone. She was that stunning green scarf, made from silk, exquisitely blemished and yet no less magnificent. She could feel the pitter-patter of the rain, and hear the rolling thunder in the far distance but none of it seemed to matter.

Whether we have a rainy day, metaphorically or literally it is essential that we pick ourselves up and walk on, with that “sparkle in our eye and that smile on our lips”.




We can enjoy the rainy day and embrace it or we could languish in a state of permanent self-pity. All we need is to seize the opportunity when it approaches us and learn from its astute presence.



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