The Hindu Likes Us

November 11, 2014

The Hindu Likes Us :)

September 5, 2012Posted in: This & That

A magician’s hat reveals a rather flamboyant ‘F’. And fittingly, just like a rabbit coming out of a hat, clothes, home décor, bath products and accessories from designers around the world spread across the page of this website. Fabulloso, a curated online store, strives to do a little more than just online retail.”

Every day we cross a new milestone but this one’s as special as it gets!

A wonderfully worded article by Anusha Parthasarthy greeted us on Tuesday morning and have we stopped beaming since then? Well, NO!

Titled ‘F for fashion’, the article that featured in The Hindu on September 4, 2012 talks about how fabulloso! has been steadily conquering hearts, homes, and wardrobes.

 Well, what can we say? Thanks for the shout out The Hindu. We are only encouraged to please many more shoppers!

Read the full article here.

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