Swimming in the SUN

November 10, 2014


Swimming in the SUN!

May 21, 2013Posted in: This & That

I’m swimming in the sun,

It’s oh so wonderful fun.

It’s not like a run

It’s fun in the sun

I’m swimming in the sun”

I don’t know why, but as I wrote this blog I couldn’t do very little to stop myself from reminiscing over a midsummer swim and much to my mortification I was soon humming a tune, in the middle of a work day. It doesn’t matter what music you put to it. Swimming in summer is always fun. It is always music to the senses.




We all know the advantages of swimming, Fitness, use of almost every muscle in the body, cardiovascular workout, cooling effects and the entire shindig. So it is all but futile to expose its recompenses, as there are so many.

Even animals love the activity, an elephant can swim almost 20 miles a day. Surprisingly, despite its popularity almost 65% of the world’s population is unable to swim. An hour of swimming burns up more calories than running or cycling and it strengthens the heart and lungs. It is also considered a major stress reliever. Competitive swimmers can swim almost six to twelve miles a day. Swim fins were invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Swimming also had its own genre of Hollywood movies, called aqua musicals, popularised by the legendry Esther Williams.




Swimming is consistently found to be amongst the top recreational activities undertaken and has been recorded since prehistoric times, the earliest records date back to Stone Age paintings. Even the bible and epics such as the lliad and the Odyssey, make mention of it. One of the only activities that can be used as exercise, relax and even rehabilitate, it is the support of water and the reduction of impact, that helps in its continued popularity.




Having said all that, Swimming is also a tremendously social and familial activity. Spending the day with family and meeting the residents that inhabit the locality. Having a chilled beverage, adjacent to that expanse of that brilliant blue. Not having to dress up for lunch and carrying out that indulgence under a gargantuan umbrella, sneaking a peek at the swimming pool and looking forward to taking that ‘post luncheon’ plunge. The unobstructed laughter of children and casual banter of the local septuagenarians. Swimming, if nothing else tends to bring a smile on anyone’s face.




So put on your swim suits, sing a merry tune and take the plunge. Let us make it a summer in the water. Let’s raise our glasses in toast, a salute our delight towards many Swims in the Sun.



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