Shoes and the City

November 08, 2014


Shoes and the City!

June 19, 2013Posted in: This & That

We all lead vibrant and fascinating lives in this city of ours. Sex and the City, the ubiquitous serial, for women, changed a lot for its target audience. It almost gave permission for women to have female friendships which were important above all else. The steamy plotlines, not only garnered a huge fan following but also elucidated the need for women to talk about their lives and relationships with other women. It recognizes the fun in relationships. Everyone seems to connect in one way or another to some facet of the show.




It got people not only drooling the significance, but it got women lusting after the fashion. Particularly the shoes.




Shoes seemed to take center stage with almost every episode unashamedly displaying Carrie Bradshaw’s fetish for a mélange of footwear. Carrie is known to have confessed to be buying “Vogue” over dinner. She is a self-confessed shoe lover with a penchant for unique and designer shoes, and is known for mixing kitschy vintage with high-end contemporary.

The shoe is that one piece of accessory that ties up the entire experience of fashion. A dress is never complete without its unreciprocated attendance. Appreciation for fashion, from another only seems complete once the shoes are dissected and its final amalgamation with the dress is gauged and lauded.




Now for us to go into the practicalities and advantages of shoes would be dim-witted. Shoes are just that and so much more. They define us and demonstrate our convictions. To try and find the perfect pair of shoes, one needs to keep trying on the diverse styles and types, until the one with the right fit and feel is discovered. But like life, we are ever-changing and perpetually dynamic, therefore the shoes we fit into are also ceaselessly varying, we thus, can never have too many fitting pairs of shoes.




An ill-fitting pair of shoes affects a person’s entire demeanor. Like life, one needs to adapt to the changing variance in life. Our shoes are who we are and what we do. A shoe is yours to keep, it fits only you. It defines you, it sponsors your assurance and ultimately it makes you feel good.

Nay-Sayers would always demean the shoes vivacity. Eschewing it’s quintessence in favour of its practicality.

But remember, in the end it is about how we feel about ourselves, the feeling that dictates the poise we have in living. If the shoes we wear help us live and discover. If shoes make us feel good and ultimately prolific, then no one can wear just one.




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