Kitchen Aromatherapy

November 08, 2014



~Kitchen Aromatherapy~

August 3, 2012Posted in: This & Tha

Too many cooks spoil the broth but too many herbs only make it better!

Tossing up a flavourful grilled chicken salad or an elaborate savoury delight – indulge in some aromatherapy in the kitchen with a handful of herbs & spices.

Marinate the chicken in a spicy rub of  rosemary, lemongrass and basil. Once all the goodness and aroma seeps in, call some friends over by the grill and enjoy a scrumptious feast. Don’t forget the parsley, olive oil and barbecue sauce dressing!




Serve up those good ‘ol potatoes with a fragrant twist. Roast them till they turn a delicious hue and and brush them over with a melted butter, lemon peel and chives infused concoction!

This weekend, dig into some peppermint infused custard with the family. They’ll all be left licking the dessert spoon clean for sure!




Turn these and many other mundane recipes into aromatic treats with the Herbs Sampler and Lemongrass pack and the Kitchen herbs set from fabulloso!




Bon Appétit!!











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