Fashion In The Future

November 07, 2014


Fashion In The Future

August 27, 2013Posted in: This & That

In the not so distant future, fashion and technology will see that all too gargantuan shift towards automation. Already, we see buying behaviour slowly but steadily shifting towards online retail. The ease of access to the internet, the electronic flow of money and the sheer convenience of choice have all seen this transformation taking shape.


We already have the choice to choose, try and then buy. Designers are more readily selling their designs through this permeating medium. Technology has made our life easier, and there is no turning back.

We now fast-forward to the not so distant future.

An era wherein the transference and storage of fashion has all but vanished.  Replaced by a simple device. The wristwatch, not quite the current apparition we are used to (although we are given to understand that it does tell time) but a multifaceted device using the language of 1’s and 0’s coupled with advanced molecular reconstruction.

Imagine having the ability of instantaneous fashion without the constraints of transportation and storage. A dress once worn is reconstituted into its molecular elements, ready and waiting for the person’s next whim. No overfull wardrobes, limitless use of the molecules around us to fashion anything and everything.

Walking down the street, a lady sees another woman wearing an identical dress, a fashion faux-pas that would remain so even after ‘n’ number of years; she pushes the button on her watch and her dress changes instantaneously, her stiletto changes to pumps, her diamonds to rubies, her blue sunglasses to red, her purse to a clutch.



Or maybe a child drops a soda on his mother’s posh purse, that button is pushed once more and hail-presto not only is the purse dry, it is a wholly new one.

Today 3D printing is a very real technology; Molecular manipulation is an expected outcome. Being spoilt for choice will become even easier, the middlemen would be eliminated, the customer can interface with the designer (first through conventional communication and eventually through ‘thought process interaction’), transactions will become instantaneous and so would fashion.




Fast forward back to the future – A lady stands in front of the mirror, nervously tapping on her replicator watch button, looking at herself and facing the conundrum of the ages, “What should she wear?”

And until we reach that not too distant future, you know where to click, to satisfy all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Come share in our vision of the future.



*The featured image in this blog has to be credited to Hussein Chalayan for his ingenious creation of the transformative aeroplane dress.








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