BARFI ~A reflection

November 06, 2014

BARFI ~A reflection

September 28, 2012Posted in: This & That

I am not one for action movies – I looove soppy sentimental ones, the ones that get a lump in my throat, watery eyes, the works! Despite that, despite the promos, Barfi did NOT call out to me. I had no desire to catch the supposedly finest role that Ranbir had played or for that matter the award winning performance of Priyanka either. The FM music had not caught me on my drive everyday to work and back. Yet I went because a friend persuaded me, for an early morning show, urging me to play truant from work


And I know that I will never be able to see this movie again!


Don’t get me wrong. It was one of the most beautiful movies that I have seen in a long time. For me it was way up there with Khamoshi (the old Black and White one – Dharmendra and Waheeda Rehman).The moments that have been captured in the movie are indescribable. The narration of characters, the story moving across cities, across time – all told flawlessly. And the narration was important, the movie had hardly any dialogues – All speech was through eyes and body language. The hero conveys a wealth in his smiles, the heroine in her less than perfect movements.


I won’t be able to see this movie again because I want to retain the magic moments that I felt while watching it!

Hasne Rulaane ka aadha pauna waada hai…

the words from the song Saawali si raat, haunted me.

The way she trusts him and her grandfather, how her grandfather accepts that Barfi, the hero, loves Jhilmil more than he does. The same Barfi who teaches her to say Namaste, for whom she wants to wear a saree, who rejects her for his first love and then realises how incomplete he is without her – the same Barfi who covers her legs while she is asleep in the truck and shows his instead! The same Barfi who calls out to her by throwing his shoe in the air to catch her attention because he can’t speak. The Barfi who inspires Jhilmil to fan her companion while he is eating and she continues to, till the very end. How she holds his shirt to walk through life…how she holds his little finger to sleep…And how she finally dies with him holding his little finger…


Naa lafz kharch karna tum, Naa lafz kharch hum karenge

Nazar ke kankadon se, Khamoshiyon ki khidkiyan yun todenge


Silences in this movie speak. Barfi falls in love with Jhilmil who is autitistic and till the end they celebrate their love, through gestures. He is lost without her and his anguish is heart felt when he is looking for her and unable to find her.

How she shields him from his first love, fearing that Mrs Gupta, played by Ileana would cause them to separate again…


I can write on and on and yet will not be able to convey those moments that I felt when I was transported into another world – becoming one with the autistic Jhilmil and feeling like the innocent Mrs Gupta who loses her chance to be with Barfi, when she chooses to marry another man…


There I go again! Didn’t I say that I can write on and on!?


It’s a feel good movie, deserving to be in the Oscars!


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