Designer Bytes: Weaving Magic!

October 07, 2014

Designer Bytes: Weaving Magic!

August 11, 2012Posted in: Designer Bytes

Embellishing a garment is like putting on make-up.

It will make the end result look pretty but you cannot do much if the fabric has no character of its own.

Devoid of any outer embellishments, Mallika Mathur’s  clothes and accessories boast of bespoke, traditional artistry. Working with the finest of hand-woven materials such as Benarasi loom, cora cotton, silk brocade, chignon and more, Mallika allows her experimental side to take over when it comes to the silhouettes!

A celebration of this seamless fusion is her range of scarves, potli bags and stunning garments that are now available on fabulloso! 

Read on to know about her inspiration, personal style and more!

What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?

It is usually the styling in terms of how well the colours match or clash or how well do the accessories complement the entire look.

What is your current inspiration?

Indian handlooms have always been my inspiration.

Describe your personal style in one line.

It is generally casual but chic. I don’t follow any set rules and therefore my style is very flexible. I am quite partial towards the Kimono jacket !

What do you splurge on?

Jewellery, textiles, rare stones!

Who or what would you choose to bring on a weekend getaway?

A personal masseuse sounds like a good idea!