Crazy Little Thing called . . .

October 07, 2014


Crazy Little Thing called . . .

February 11, 2013Posted in: Editor's Picks

Cliched candle light dinners, calorie laden box of chocolates and all things peachy and pink – this Valentine’s Day, we urge you to make a few changes to your run-of-the-mill romantic checklist!

Suckers for happy endings and all things mushy that we are – we can’t really deny how much we like to cuddle up with the beau and watch A lot like love for the nth time! (Yes, Ashton Kutcher still rules our world)

But, what options are we left with when hectic work schedules get the better of us, the overpriced flowers dry up quicker than usual and all the dark chocolates have been eaten?

We think it’s the universe sending us a signal; begging us all to give those saccharine sweet cherubic disasters a much needed break and do something different this season of love (Read finding inspired gifts for the beloved that don’t make their way into the trash can even after the relationship is over!)

Scroll down to see a few of the things that’s sure to make the special someone flash that gorgeous smile!

Caution: Singles just might end up finding love in a hopeless place!

For the dapper darling:

Corsage in hand, when he decides to walk in, this is what you should probably gift him!

For the mean machine lover:

If highways are his playground and mean machines his source of adrenaline rush (except of course you!), you know you’ve found him a keeper with this one!

For the boisterous boyfriend:

Often hear him go chak de fatteThis is as perfect as it gets!

For the wandering soul:

Got yourself a globetrotter? Gift him something to remind him of you on all his journeys.

If choosing the perfect gift for your smitten kitten’s causing you frown lines, we’ve an idea! A couple of them actually!

 For the creative chick:

She never fails to surprise and delight you with her thoughtful little ideas. How about creating a pictorial timeline of all those shared moments that she’ll be proud to put up in her cosy room? Thisone’s like the perfect background score to your romantic flick!

For Miss green fingers:

Ever feel she loves gardening more than she loves you? Get her this cutesy bucket to keep all her gardening essentials in. She just might call you over to lug it around, if nothing else

For the I’d-like-to-take-her-home girl:

So you’ve known her long enough and it’s time she meets the parents? Gift her something she’ll cherish forever, such as this stunning saree!

For the pretty princess:

Can’t get over how pretty she looks? Promising to sparkle only a little less than her is this darling necklace. For your own good, we recommend you go ahead and introduce them to each other!

So pick up that post-it and scribble your brand new V-day checklist on it!

Trust us, it just gets better and better from this moment onwards!