Designer Bytes: Reclaiming the Lost City!

October 07, 2014

Designer Bytes: Reclaiming the Lost City!

August 3, 2012Posted in: Designer Bytes

Inspired by life and hand embroidered by artisans, Lost City Products  are truly revolutionary.

Gone are the days when accessories were mere side-kicks to your look. Now, more often than not, it is the accessories that turn out to be the focal point of an ensemble.

Armed with snap buttons, discarded steel zippers, safety pins and a handful of such seemingly ordinary products, Afshan Durrani has been bringing about an ‘embroidery renaissance’ in her workshop.

Her workshop – a space where traditional crafts get juxtaposed against influences from the most glamorous era in music. As someone for whom thinking out of the box is second nature, it isn’t surprising to see how Afshan has transformed her love for Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Syd Barrett into stellar creations.

To know more about her, read on!
What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit? 
What is your current inspiration? 
Everything Goth and flowers
Describe your personal style in one line. 
Punk.minimal. gothchic.

What do you splurge on? 
Martin Margiela
Who or what would you choose to bring on a weekend getaway? 
Books, music

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