Treasures from a LOST CITY

October 07, 2014

Treasures from a LOST CITY

July 24, 2012Posted in: Designer BytesWhat's New @F

A metaphor for every city, village and hamlet that has loved, lost and restored a part of its art heritage, Lost City  is a celebration and continuation of ingenious skills that are fast becoming rare.

Based out of New York with its roots in the mystical land of Lucknow, Lost City  (2006) is the brainchild of Afshan Durrani. Bringing about an ‘embroidery renaissance’ in her workshops, the idea is to salvage and evolve bespoke crafts from the past, but not without infusing elements of the glamorous years the designer grew up in!

Take the absolutely stunning ‘Crazy diamond ’ for example that has a generous smattering of steel safety pins strewn across sheer black softness! A tribute to the legendary ‘Syd’ Barrett and his psychedelic punk, this stunning scarf is a study in how creativity can lend vanishing craft forms a new lease of life.

Not convinced? Pick up the utterly gorgeous ‘Buttons are back ’. Using discarded snap buttons and a million sequins and beads that are hand embroidered on to it, this clutch bag will turn every rock atheist into a believer.

We are clearly at a loss for words when it comes to describing the treasures from Lost City . After all, when the ‘devil may care’ attitude of the Rock N Roll era combines with the opulence of Mughal legacy, there is little that’s left to be said.

We are content being awestruck. How are you doing?

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