Designer Bytes ~ India Circus

October 07, 2014

Designer Bytes ~ India Circus

January 9, 2013Posted in: Designer Bytes

Not that they ever went out of vogue (they cannot possibly do!), but, suddenly, all things Indian are on everyone’s must-buy, must-own wishlist!

With more and more designers harking back to their Indian roots for inspiration and designing their very own eulogies for the same, there hasn’t been a better time to celebrate our Indian-ness in all its glory.

Not the ones to pick favourites, we cannot but fall for prolific designer and self confessed kitsch aficionado, Krsna Mehta’s India Circus designs. With names as twisted as Jalebi or as dreamy as Kuheli for his collections – this designer has taken it upon himself to make your homes look beautiful.

In a quick tete-a-tete with us, he told us about a few of his favourite things. And yes, he loves working with fuchsia and teal. That’s enough to get us hooked. Read on to know more!

What led to launching India Circus?

Being a person who is highly interested in good Home Décor, I often found that there wasn’t any option to be able to buy well designed things at affordable prices, especially things with Indian designs. The idea and concept was born out of the lack of great Indian designs at great prices! I wanted to make and promote Contemporary Indian design and culture. A larger section of middle income Indians couldn’t afford to have well designed products. Thus an idea was born and from a simple concept it grew and has become what it is.

What is the design inspiration for India circus?

India Circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. With an All-Indian palette, we draw our inspiration from both Mughal Royalty as well as roadside chai. We offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which we feel represents India.

What was the first thing you ever designed?

I got interested in designing at a very young age. The first thing I probably designed was a cushion cover when I was 16 years old. I had designed it for my father’s store, Zeba.

 What are some of your favorite clothing stores/websites?

My favorite clothing  stores would be Uniqlo, an amazing Japanese brand and probably Zara. I do a quite a bit shopping online for They have a great collection of items on there and I am a frequent customer.

 What is your current inspiration?

My current inspiration is in essence everything Indian. India is so diverse and vast from which there is inspiration that can be taken its amazing. From the Chai Walla and Vada Pav maker on the streets today to Historic India. Inspiration is drawn from all aspects of life in India.

What do you splurge on?


The things I splurge on most would probably be Home Décor. I love to buy new lamps and lampshades, furniture, glasses, show pieces … the works. If something catches my attention, and I feel that it would go well in my house…. I usually pick it up. Home Décor is definitely my one true area for a “splurge”!

What are your favourite colours/materials to work with?

My favorite colours to work with are Fuchsia and Teal. They provide a certain element that is somewhat core to my design philosophy, especially so when I use them together. I love the diversity with which I can use them.

I like to work on any surface where my designs can be translated without losing its intended effect. I like to work most with textiles and ceramic. They seem to provide the best medium for my designs.

Which is that one thing you wish you had designed?

Well, honestly, I often do wish I was there during the Mogul period. The grandeur of that era’s work still echoes today. In fact, I am often inspired by that period. The kind of designs and the beauty in its intricacy is absolutely breathtaking. I would have definitely liked to have designed a grand structure during that era.

Who are your favourite designers?

There are a few designers that I like. Paul Smith is one of them. His design concepts and philosophy is something that I like. Another designer’s work that I admire is Yohji Yamamoto from Japan. I also like designs from the Italian designer Missoni.

Who or what would you choose to bring on a weekend getaway?

For a weekend getaway… I’d take my Friends, a fully loaded picnic basket, my iPod and speakers. I have a small group of close friends and a weekend getaway with them is always just perfect.

Furniture, decor………What is next?

When I started designing, I wanted my designs to be on things like cushions and fabrics and also canvas.  I have never designed clothing, though. I am interested in designing clothes but haven’t done it yet. So who know, maybe someday I’ll venture into clothing.