Designer Bytes: Strictly Kitschy

October 07, 2014

Designer Bytes: Strictly Kitschy

July 4, 2012Posted in: Designer Bytes

A positive or negative ‘frame of mind ’ is so passé. If Kartick Kapoor’s designs are anything to go by, eclectic and kitschy is the way to go!

Launched in April 2011, ‘frame of mind ’ by Kartick Kapoor is a label that seeks to infuse functionality within art. Your inner drama queen would love to tote around with his range of graphic handbags . Equally pleased would be the footwear fanatics by his range of shockingly hued shoes . And there’s something fabulloso!  for the domestic divas too – his range of bar accessories  are a salut to the charm of pop art.

So, if colourful quirky objects are your idea of retail therapy, you surely are in the right ‘frame of mind ’!

Read on to know more about this young & fabulloso!  design graduate:)

  1. What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
    A. Shoes

Q.What is your current inspiration?
A. Electronic Music & Pop Art/Euro street Art

  1. Describe your personal style in one line.
    A. Post Modern/futuristic
  2. What do you splurge on?
    A. My girlfriend (not really left with a choice)
  3. Who or what would you choose to bring on a weekend getaway?
    A. Kalki Coechlin & my girlfriend (would be amazing to be on the quieter beaches in Thail