Old World “CHIDYA” – New Age Products

October 07, 2014

Old World “CHIDYA” – New Age Products

April 25, 2014Posted in: Designer Bytes

Introducing a whole new range of products which are made by hand, out of love for the craft and for you!

Make your home your own special place with these products that stand out for their sheer beauty and simplicity. And that’s not even the best part! The products are prepared from recycled iron and wood and promises eco-friendly polish on the products. In a world where machine has replaced man and products are made on a mass scale, each no different from the other, chidya comes as a breath of fresh air. A small dedicated team painfully crafts each piece with a strong focus on aesthetics and design ethos. And when such labour of love has been put into the product rest assured of the thought gone into your needs.

Design your space with chest of drawers that have been complemented with the perfect lamp that highlights it and the perfect coaster to hold your morning cuppa.

Chidya will blend in your house and life just like the pleasing chirrup of the birds in the morning.