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October 06, 2014


Art Attack!

August 20, 2012Posted in: Editor's PicksWhat's New @F

Whether you are an art aficionado or a plain travel junkie – a bite into the Big Apple isn’t really complete unless a trip to the Met museum’s on your itinerary.

And no, we don’t say this because we love The Thomas Crown Affair!

However, don’t lose heart if a vacation isn’t on your cards. Reproducing exquisite art and designs from around the world’s finest museums – Renaissance Museum & Art pleases your art-loving soul quite wonderfully. What’s even better is that it enables you to own the artifacts you admire so greatly!

Founded in 2000, each of Renaissance’s artworks is researched and conceptualized by art historians and given a form by expert designers.

Take for instance the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln’s hand. The original by Leonard W.Volk was created using several plaster casts of the stalwart’s fist. This was because the persistent handshaking during his campaign trails left Lincoln’s hand noticeably swollen and the artist wished to depict the distinction in his work of art. Such was his obsession to detail that he made Lincoln, clutch a broom handle, to serve as a placement for what would be a rolled document in the finished full-length statue that he was determined to create!


Inspired by Parisian ballet dancers, horses, and other fine things in life –  Edgar Degas’s creations are stunningly visualized, capturing every movement of the subject. A proponent of Romantic realism, Degas belonged to the school of thought that sought to depict instinct in the form of unrestrained and unfettered actions of animals as opposed to reason. That he did so beautifully is quite an understatement.

Meticulously detailed craftsmanship is the hallmark of all these works of art by Renaissance. Click here to view them all on fabulloso!

After all, it isn’t every day that you get a chance to bring home treasures from theMetropolitan Museum of Art.