A Summer of Pashmina

October 06, 2014

A Summer of Pashmina

May 28, 2013Posted in: Editor's Picks

Summer is in full swing, embracing us in her baking embrace. So we decided to give you our insights into a Summer of Pashmina. Nope, before you think it, we should clarify it, neither have we lost our mental faculty nor is this some convoluted witticism.

The sheep residing high amongst the peaks of the Himalaya’s, carry on them one of the finest coats, nature has to offer and we are amorously bequeathed with this wool (no, don’t worry no sheep was hurt in this process, as a matter fact they lead an almost regal existence).


Pashmina is world renowned and coveted for its warmth, silkiness and lightness. Like the pricelessness of first pressed, extra virgin olive oil, the tender most fur from the kid (the baby sheep) is called Shahmina and is said to be even more inestimable, with a velvetiness, temperateness and legerdemain that is the envy of any space faring astronaut.

So why are we talking about keeping warm in the summer heat. In today’s modern and climate cooled age, our work, homes and almost every other place of actuality is chilled by the likes of our rescuer, the air conditioner. But, this chill does come at a price, more oft than not we are chilled to the bone, while the world outside is searing, our hands are numbed by the cold and we are bodily shaking and spasm-ing. Now, we agree that carrying a coat around is cumbersome and borders the impractical.



So we don’t see any reason in why a pashmina stole, which weighs less than an average ladies wallet, and would fit snugly into the nadirs of your purse, shouldn’t be used to warm you in that summer of chill.

For those who consider cost a minor inopportuneness to the larger representation of investment and comfort, we suggest you try the Shahmina shawls from the house of “The Carpet Cellar”, specialists in this form of wove-nary, curated by the world renowned Sheel Chandra. The shawls are indeed fabulous and we testify to their undiminished and unrelenting brilliance and usability. For those with a more stringent financial plan conscience, there is a plethora stoles and shawls which are similar and would appeal to your varied tang and cost predilections.


So here’s to a summer of warmth, a midsummer’s of fashion, an escape to the highs of the Himalayas and a very “Summer of Pashmina”.