*Gift a certificate*

October 09, 2014

*Gift a certificate*

September 7, 2012Posted in: Fab OffersWhat's New @F

When it comes to gifting, you are the undisputed Santa for your friends and family!

But no matter how great you are at choosing gifts, you’ll always have that one fussy niece or hard-to-please uncle who’ll put your skills to shame!


To help you win them over (and just in time for the upcoming festivities!), fabulloso! brings you Gift Certificates that can be customized and personalized as per your their gazillion whims and fancies!

Valid for 6 months – the fabulloso! Gift Certificate can be the perfect substitute for a warm hug from your side, especially for those faraway friends. What’s more, they can even be used by your loved ones settled abroad.

And did we mention that they can be used during all our fab offers?!

Now before we run out of the many benefits of a Gift Certificate, follow these simple steps to purchase one for yourself:

  1. Visit fabulloso!right away
  2. Click on Gifts -> Gift certificates
  3. Key in the recipient’s name
  4. Type a personal message (optional, of course)
  5. Type an amount (above INR 500)
  6. Add it to your cart
  7. Checkout!

Your fabullosoGift Certificate will be on its way to the recipient!

Yes, it’s that simple!

Present it to a loved one who likes to make their own choice or give it to a colleague whose birthday gift search gave you a few grey strands of hair.
These make for great wedding presents and come to your rescue when you have serious time constraints. So, don’t guess, give ‘em a fabulloso! gift certificate NOW!