Because we just CANNOT stop Celebrating :)

October 08, 2014

Because we just CANNOT stop Celebrating :)

December 13, 2012Posted in: Fab Offers

Spent most of yesterday being stuck in traffic or dealing with popcorn at work?

Watched your colleagues spend hours filling up their shopping carts while you could only manage to sneak a peek (or two? Who are we kidding here?!) at the many online stores offering those tempting deals?

Saved your boss a few grueling minutes of indecision by helping her choose the ‘perfect vintage classic’ scarf while continuing to dilly dally yourself?

Whatever your situation might have been, we aren’t ones to judge. What we’ve chosen to do instead is put an end to your misery!

At fabulloso!, we are always on the lookout for reasons to celebrate – and by that we mean we love giving YOU reasons to splurge! This coupled with the overwhelming response we got yesterday and what you’ve earned yourselves is one added day of guilt free shopping!

Bag all those designer dresses, hand painted champagne flutes, party purses and if you really are in the mood to loosen that recently purchased purse’s string, then even a painting or two – the Sale @f! promises to make you dizzy with happiness!

So reward yourself with a well deserved break and visit fabulloso! now to find out all the amazing deals on offer ~ Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this one!