Designer Bytes: Committed to crafts

October 08, 2014

Designer Bytes: Committed to crafts

October 18, 2012Posted in: Designer Bytes

Born into a family of goldsmiths, crafting beautiful objects came easy to Tejas Soni. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design and winner of the FORHEX award 2009 – Soni has a penchant for playing around with materials to create spectacularly unusual products.


A believer in promoting craft processes as much as the products he creates, Soni has been consistently working with nomadic artisans associated with the Dhokra craft. Considering flora and fauna as his biggest inspiration, his lifestyle accessories and utility products are naturally rich in textures.

The super busy designer took out a little time to chat with team fabulloso! Read on.


What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?
I notice the details of the clothing, like the buttons, pattern of the shirt/ trousser, and colour choices.
What is your current inspiration?
It’s the flora and fauna around me! It’s a great way to be inspired by nature as the intricacies and forms are always unique.

Describe your personal style in one line.
I like contemporary patterns and prints so my style would be contemporary casual yet very sought after.
What do you splurge on?
Clothes, food & gadgets!
Who or what would you chose to bring on a weekend getaway?
On a weekend getaway, if at all I manage to get away (!), I would take my camera and head towards the unexplored areas of Jaipur for some inspiration.