Designer Bytes: Welcome to Mudcafe

October 08, 2014


September 7, 2012Posted in: Designer Bytes

There are no two ways about it – Art has and will continue to bring joy into everyone’s lives.

One such designer spreading joy through her rendition of ‘Relief Art ’ is Neeru Ahuja, whose designs reflect her undying love towards nature.

Fascinated by the recurring appearance of ‘Relief Art’ in the old houses she spent her childhood in – this army kid began experimenting with her own set of designs on good old putty!

She founded Mudcafe  in the year 2011 after years of designing handcrafted antiques for friends and family. Made out of natural products such as marble dust and resin, every product takes almost 4 weeks of meticulous craftsmanship before it reaches the consumer.

Scroll down to read what she told us!

What is the first thing you notice in another person’s outfit?

I always believe that less speaks more. The fabric may not be very expensive but the stitch of the garment should be of high quality. I also notice the little details that go into the making of an outfit.

What is your current inspiration?

Nature has always been my inspiration. Birds, bees, trees – I don’t look any further.

Describe your personal style in one line.

Cannot really say anything about myself but people always say that I exude a warm and friendly vibe, always.

What do you splurge on?

Anything that inspires me!

Who or what would you choose to bring on a weekend getaway?

I’d like to spend some time in the wilderness, all alone. There is no better way to reconnect with oneself than in the lap of nature!

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